Notcho Granny’s Monogram • SC Stationery Designer

Oh, monograms. They are as southern as sweet tea and saying “bless your heart.”
Ladies around these parts even throw monogram bridal showers!

As a graphic designer, I like to think that my love for the monogram goes beyond
the “little-m, big-Y, little-t” sheets that are currently gracing my bed (thanks, Allie of Upstateido!) Type is kind of an obsession. We even have a 4ft x 4ft  “M” in
our dining room thanks to Barb of Knack (purveyor of all things amazing and awesome).

So in preparation for Miss Wyolene’s big day I am finalizing some new and funky monogram designs for the woman of the New South! They make fabulous bridesmaid and hostess gifts, and are perfect for writing thank you notes well into your marriage. Ehhemmm….

“Dear Husband, thank you for marrying me and inspiring me to cook something besides frozen Kashi pizza! Love, M.” (Believe me, you’ll use ’em.)

Here’s a little taste of what these lovely letters look like before they are paired with some great found papery-fun!

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