Make it Mysefff Monday • Mini Ombre Paper Chain

Happy Monday!

Really, you say? Happy Monday? I don’t know about you all, but I struggle on Monday mornings. But I so look forward to a good cup of coffee and some blog beauty! And by lunchtime, I usually have a crafty to-do list already a mile long. And since you all are my people and probably feel the same way, I decided to try and have a little crafty how-to each Monday morning to get us all up and at ’em!

I was in NYC all last week for the day job. I had so much fun walking to the office with coffee in hand, past all of the beautiful window displays on Park and 5th Avenues. In particular, I saw the most amazing paper chain display in what looked like a regular office building. (I have no idea what building it was, nor was I carrying my camera at the time. Boo, me.)

Later that day, I got to thinking. (Yes, blatant Carrie Bradshaw reference.) Remember paper chains and how much fun they were to make when you were a little guy? And how EASY? What would happen if the paper chain put on her big girl clothes–like OMBRE? Ooooh….ombre! And so, Miss Wyolene’s very first MIM (Make it Mysefff project!)

Mini Ombre Paper Chain

What you’ll need:
4 Paint chips (with the gradient of color- I like Behr paint chips for this project)
exacto knife with new blade
cutting board
straight edge ruler
regular tape

Step 1: Using your exacto and straight edge, trim out small strips from the paint chip. I cut the whole length and measured out three strips per color. (I discarded the white line between each color.)

Step 2: Trim out all of your chips and note the beautiful gradient that you have! Oooh…

Step 3: Cut the strips in half again for a mini chain (the closer the loops, the more obvious the ombre pattern will appear.)

Step 4: Keeping your colors grouped and pulling from dark to light (or light to dark),  start coiling your strips! (I went from dark to light in the middle, then back to dark towards the end.) Work the strips around your finger and tape them from front to back. (I started with double-sided tape, but discovered that it wasn’t strong enough for the thickness of the chip.)

Step 5: Keep building until you are sassuhfied with the length of your chain.

Step 6: Ta da!! Now you can do whatever you like with your mini chain! I attached mine to grilling skewers and made a little banner for some cupcakes! An accessorized cupcake is a good cupcake.

I know what you’re thinking. Morgan, you just wanted cupcakes for breakfast. Guilty. My friend Mamie at Miss Mamie’s cupcakes in Atlanta gave me some Devil’s Food mix back at the Wedding Day Hooray. Let me tell you what. These cupcakes are SO delicious. I’m picky about my pastries, but these little guys are TO DIE FOR. Email Mamie and beg her for the mix.  And then make this craft!

There. Now isn’t your Monday a little better??

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One Response to Make it Mysefff Monday • Mini Ombre Paper Chain

  1. kaitthomas says:

    I love paint chip projects! This little chain made me smile. And I’ll admit, so did the cupcakes. The chains would be cute decorating all kinds of things from gifts to table place settings. Thanks for the ideas. I can’t wait until next Monday! 🙂

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