Make it Mysefff Monday • Moleskine Scrapbook

Well, sweet readers, it’s been a crazy last few days. Not to be cryptic or dramatic, but we had a bit of a family emergency here at our house. While it is a bit of a tough time, we are so thankful that everyone who lives here is safe and sound. And for me, the best medicine is to say some prayers and look at beautiful creations that make me happy.

That being said, I am without a camera for awhile. So some of my posts will likely be what I can research online and give to you that way. Once all is restored to normalcy, I will have a lot to catch up on including some fabulous wedding invites!

In the meantime, I discovered this great, papery DIY project at Honestly…WTF. I love moleskins and keep them for so many different things: in my purse for quick creative inspiration, when we travel, and for little prayers and such. I love that they are virtually a clean slate and you can decorate them to make them truly yours– then fill them with whatever inspires you!

Here’s the MIM…soooo easy!
DIY Moleskine Scrapbook

Erica and I never leave home without a Moleskine notebook (we still like to take notes the old fashioned way with a notebook and pen)! So when our friend Karen (of Lulu Loves Caleb) showed us her fabric embellished Moleskine Cahier Notebook, we jumped at the opportunity to have her show us how she did it. You’ll need a sewing machine, a kraft brown Moleskin Cahier Notebook of any size, a piece of fabric, a glue stick and a pair of scissors.Start by cutting down your fabric to a size that is small enough to fit on your notebook. We cut a 2.5″ x 5″ rectangle for the pocket sized book and 3″ x 8″ rectangle for the larger book. Glue your fabric to the front cover of your notebook.  Start stitching along the edge of the fabric, leaving a small seam. Leaving your needle in the down position, turn your notebook 90 degrees and continue these steps until all four sides are stitched. Knot the ends and trim any excess threads.

It’s possible you won’t be able to stop yourself from sewing fabric to paper…it’s that addicting. The possibilities are endless and you really can’t go wrong with this project. We love the raw edges but of course, you can fold your edges under before sewing. You can also try experimenting with patchwork, using more than one fabric.

(all images by Honestly…WTF)

***Happy day, friends!***

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