Make It Mysefff Monday • Washi Tape Straws

Happy Monday everyone!

Already planning next weekend’s backyard sip-sip? I know I am. Big Morgan is putting the finishing touches on a BEAUTIFUL outdoor space and I am already thinking of fun ways to celebrate its debut.

These little guys are. so. cute. Seriously. You’ve probably seen them around, but I bet you didn’t know just HOW easy they are to make yourself. I promise, it’ll take ten minutes for a party of 6!

Washi Tape Straws

What you’ll need:
6 straws (more or less, depending on the number you are entertaining)
Washi tape in varying colors and/or designs (I get mine here)
scissors (regular or fun edge cutters)

1. Cut a 4″ piece of tape (you’re going to trim some off the end)
2. Place the straw in the center of the tape

3. Roll the straw around until the two sides of the tape join together.
4. Carefully smooth the tape together, taking care that it is aligning as you go.
 5. Trim the end in any design you want– I like to cut to snips off the end, for an inverse triangle.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 up to three times per straw: too many and your flags get wet!
7. Enjoy with a refreshing beverage!




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