Inspiration • Damask

While researching a damask pattern for a custom wedding invitation suite, I quickly discovered two very distinct types of damask: bad damask and good damask. Without calling out any particular product for being the former, I think you can probably easily imagine what I’m referring to. Black, white, hot pink? And LOTS of it? Perhaps this bad damask appears alongside a Curlz font? With some feathery boa nonsense? Yikes.

What I didn’t know was that this pattern was popular as early as the 5th century, when Chinese emperors were said to have worn damask. Perhaps the more familiar story places its beginnings in Damascus, a Syrian city buzzing with trade and commerce during the 12th Century. The craftsmen of Damascus popularized the textile with their flawless attention to detail.

So it took me a little while, but I did find some beautiful examples of modern damask on wallpaper, clothing, furniture and accessories.

image from House Beautiful

image from JCrew

image from House Beautiful

image from ModCloth

How much do you love this modern damask from Apartment Therapy??

illustration by Julia Rotham, via Design Sponge

Bathmat from Anthropologie

image via Design Sponge

Please, don’t be a victim of bad damask. I certainly won’t let my bride!

Happy weekend!

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