Our little Paris! Part I

Next to making pretty papery goodness, my favorite thing to do is travel. Man Mo and I have tried to take one kick-butt trip a year since we’ve been married (and we have the tiny house and zero savings account to prove it!) While typically going for the “you’re going WHERE?!” reaction, this year’s money-saving/body-breaking deal was to Paris. At first, we had our reservations. We thought: it’s going to be cold and rainy, snooty, expensive, and everyone we know has already been there. Turns out, only three of those four things were true, and we had such a fabulous trip.

We started off spending three delightful days exploring Normandy. For Man Mo, that meant finding historic sites and navigating the skinny country roads. For me, that meant eating all the cheese I could get my hands on. We stayed in two adorable B&B’s while we were in Normandy: Cider Farm near Bayeux, and Les Vallées near Bellou. We enjoyed New Year’s Eve dinner with about 10 other French people at Les Vallées, complete with duck that had once waddled around the front yard. Our explorations also took us to Honfleur, Pont du Hoc, and the D-day beaches.

From Normandy, we drove our car to the St. Germaine arrondissement of Paris. We rented an adorable (but decidedly too small apartment- since my husband is a giant) just off the square from St. Sulpice. We spent the next few days exploring the Marais, battling with tons of tourists at the museums, and of course, eating. Oh…and I drug my poor husband all over town looking at paper stores. And ribbon stores. And calligraphy stores. And eating macaroons. And cheese. It was heaven.

I didn’t get any pictures of the actual food. I was too busy eating and just being so slap angry that I had never before tasting such culinary amazingness.

Tomorrow, I will show you some divine spots we discovered (with a little help!)
PS- all of these pictures were taken with my iPhone. SO much better (for me) than lugging my SLR all over the city. More room for paper and cheese!

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2 Responses to Our little Paris! Part I

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  2. alison says:

    ok, just now reading these paris posts. LOVE! by the way, I need an iphone tutorial on how to take pictures like you. clearly, it’s not that easy to do because my pictures don’t ever look anything like that :-).

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