Pretty Pumped…

TOWN is a new (gorgeous) magazine based here in beautiful Greenville, SC. February marks their first wedding issue and wouldn’t ya know? They included Miss Wyolene in a roundup of papery delights. What an honor to be featured alongside some of my favorite local stationers!

TOWN is free (I know, highway robbery!) and you can go here for info on where to snag this latest issue! Thank you, TOWN, you are lovely.

And if you are planning a wedding, you know you can stop by my shop and grab one of these Bridesmaid cards for yourself!

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3 Responses to Pretty Pumped…

  1. Love and I Do says:

    def getting a free copy!!

  2. awesome – congrats! It’s so nice to see your own work in a magazine!

  3. LaBruce says:

    Yay! So very proud of you, girl! Looking fabulous, as always!

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