A little love | handmade Valentines

If you recall my (not-so-subtle) hinting back here and here about my buying paper and some other crafty delights in Paris (I promise its in there…hiding next to a comment about cheese, probably.)

I FINALLY have some love goodies to show you!

The paper I used for these cards came not only from our recent trip to Paris, but also past trips to Buenos Aires and Florence. Precious materials, for sure!

These guys are limited edition: I only made one of each because I am very reticent to ever use what I buy when I travel…(Why? Probably because I know that its kinda tough to zip over to Florence when I run out. So, the fact that I loosened my grasp long enough to make five different cards is real progress, folks.)

You can find all of these pretties over at my Etsy shop. And stay tuned for further Valentine yummies over the next two weeks!

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