National Stationery Show 2012

Wowza. Christmas came early for this gal. I just got back from NYC yesterday and I still am not quite sure what hit me! The National Stationery Show is an annual stationery extravaganza that is open to members of the trade. There are all types of vendors: fancy veterans like Crane and Vera Wang, awesome first timers, and designers/brands that I stalk on a daily basis. (I tried very hard not to look like a total creeper, but this was pretty much one celebrity sighting after another!)

Alas, I did not take my nice camera. (See creeper comment above.) So many vendors were generous enough to let me snap some Instagram pics, but bear in mind that these IN NO WAY do the products justice. I will link to their websites so you can see their beautiful goodies and drool along with me.

I found myself drawn to three different types of booths: the brands that I adore and buy myself, the booths that were very clean and organized, and booths that had more of an Indie slant (since that is more of my background as an artist!) But the booth displays alone were worth the price of entry. In particular, the booth of Mr. Boddington’s Studio out of NY was probably my favorite. Of course I love all things floral, but this was a labor of love: giant tissue paper flowers all over THE ENTIRE THING. Their products are also beautiful: the colors are bright and of course, I love all the hand-lettering.

Husband and wife duo Wednesday was one of my absolute favorite vendors at the show. Their booth was clean, organized, and Jessica and Garett were probably the nicest people EVER. Their work marries buttoned up typography and beautiful illustrations. You must check them out online, and in the huge list of stores I’m sure they will now be sold in.

Another favorite was This Paper Ship. Also a husband and wife team, their use of whimsical illustration and adorable hand lettering just makes you feel happy. Their booth definitely had an indie craft vibe and was oh, so inviting. I am going to buy this fantastic print for my office.
Fellow Southerner Belle and Union had a spot on display and adorable products. Not only does designer Meg Sutton create beautiful letterpress stationery, but she screenprints tea towels and wrapping paper. You can find the entire collection on the ShopSCAD website this summer!
Fawnsberg had such inviting booth: we’re talking bead boarding, vintage wallpaper and an antique writing desk. Two sweet sisters run Fawnsberg and they were so kind. The designs are such a classic take on florals and hand lettering. Their work is so elegant.
This only scratches the surface of everything I saw in NYC. I also got yelled at by a cab driver for my lack of “cab etiquette” (is there such a thing?), had a Seinfeld character sighting at breakfast, managed to navigate the subway with my engineer of a husband, and ate lots and lots of french fries. It was a divine time.

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2 Responses to National Stationery Show 2012

  1. I would be in heaven! I love paper, cards and stationery! Are you designing your booth for next year? 🙂

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