Boy, oh boy…



Yep, that’s blue icing you see, people. The tiniest Mo is a little fellah! We surprised our families with the news last night using these fabulous cupcakes from Iced here in Taylors. There were a few tears of joy, and a few slightly off color jokes at our child’s bashfulness…or lack thereof. 🙂

In work news, Greenville shop Even a Sparrow now carries Miss Wyolene! Grab a beer at Community Tap, a t-shirt at Dapper Ink, and stroll on over to Even a Sparrow and take a gander at the cards and all of the other awesome local and regional designers they carry!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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One Response to Boy, oh boy…

  1. Gigi says:

    Sweet sweet little cupcake! And the pastries were good too:) Were so excited for you! Another classic children’s book: “We’ll love you forever we’ll like you for always”….

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