Good Stuff.

I feel like I’ve been teasing you, dear readers, for a while now about some awesome things that are going on here at Miss Wyolene. I’m really excited to share not one, but TWO of them today!

I have a confession: I get totally geeked out around celebs in the wedding and stationery industries. If any one of these folks ever tweet me back, it literally makes my day. (I got all verklempt just walking by Crane and Rifle at the National Stationery Show!) So, imagine my *complete and total freak out* when Grey Likes Weddings asked me to be a part of their Collective. Um, let me think about that for 5 seconds, YES!! The team over there is super on the ball and had my profile up and running in no time flat. You can check out Miss Wyolene right here. And if you know of any brides looking for gorgeous inspiration and fabulous vendors, be sure to send them to Grey Likes Weddings. Eeeep!

Next piece of fun news, Miss Wyolene has been published again! This time, in Hot-lanta. Occasions Magazine is the gorgeous, go-to publication in Atlanta for all things wedding and beautiful. They gave The NotWedding some great coverage, and were sweet enough to include a new Miss Wyolene design in one of their editorial pieces on color for the summer. (Lavender, anyone?)

I am currently working on an entire collection and these Flutterby Pretties might be a part of it. If you are loving them for your big day, drop me a line and I’m happy to get a custom quote for you!


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