Miss Wyolene is more than a stationery business. Miss Wyolene is also my sweet Grandmother who, throughout my life, has taught me the importance of proper correspondence. Miss Wyolene (the Grandmother) never lets a day go by without taking a moment to let someone know she is thankful for them, or appreciates a gift, or how much she loves them. (She’s even been known to send a “thank you” note to an electrician or two!) I have countless cards from the real Miss Wyolene in her beautiful script, letting me know that she is always thinking of me and loving me.

As a graphic designer and lover of all things papery, I try to create beauty from discarded maps, books, paint chips, handmade paper- all in the contained space of a greeting card. I hope that a little bit of that beauty will inspire you to drop a line to someone you care about.

A handwritten note is a sentiment that you can’t delete from your BlackBerry or drag to the trashcan on your desktop.  In today’s world of mass communication, text messages and smart phones, we could all take a cue from Miss Wyolene.

Have questions about custom orders?
Email: misswyolene@gmail.com
Twitter: misswyolene


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