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The NotWedding Part III

Yep, the NotWedding is an event befitting not one, not two, but THREE blog posts.

Today, I wanted to share the inspiration board we had for the event. Created by Ashley McHugh and distributed to all of the participating vendors, this is where we all start. I love how everyone takes away a little something different from this to create truly unique pieces.


Actually, Greenville was represented well at TNW CHS. Suzy of Statice Floral Couture did the amazing florals. (Scroll down and see the one that drapes off of the head table. SERIOUSLY.) And all of today’s images are from Greenville’s own Angela Cox, one of my favorite photographers ever. Her images are so dreamy and ethereal. I love the way she sees her subjects through the lens.
IMG_0108 copy

_IMG_0198 copy _IMG_0341 copy
Angela-NotWed-comp3 _IMG_0520
_IMG_0222 copy_IMG_0274 copy
That last image is one of my favorites. I mean, could LaBruce and Harrison be any more in love and adorable?

Happy Thursday!


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The NotWedding Part II


Did you get enough of The NotWedding yesterday?? I didn’t think so.

Today I wanted to share my booth from the Tunnel of Love display at the NotWedding. What the heck is that, you ask? Well, it’s a chance for all of the FABULOUS vendors to show off their style and wares while engaging the brides that come to the event. Again, I was a little stumped at how to make this look fun and Miss Wyolene-ish enough. In other words, I didn’t just want to tack paper to a bulletin board. So I called in the big guns: my friends Lib and Jessica. They were like “uh, you have to use flowers, duh.” And “Oh, you can borrow my little blue desk.” Boy, were they right. A little trip to Trader Joe’s, some wire, and some double-sided tape?? Voila!

I also wanted to include a little bit of the real Miss Wyolene in my display. That little circle picture of the bride in the third image below? That’s my sweet Grandmother on her wedding day. Her veil was the longest thing ever. She was back ohm in Atlanta this time, but I love that I got to bring a little piece of her with me!

Izzy_NotWed276 Izzy-NotWed-comp1

All of the photographs I’m sharing today are from Izzy Hudgins Photography. Izzy is an adorable Savannah girl and I just love how she finds punchy colors and clever details and moments in her images. Basically, she makes Miss Wyolene (and all of the other vendors) look amazing. Get your drool cloths ready.

Izzy_NotWed243 Izzy_NotWed266 Izzy_NotWed268 Izzy_NotWed287 Izzy_NotWed298
Izzy_NotWed343 Izzy_NotWed374 Izzy_NotWed382 Izzy_NotWed384 Izzy_NotWed396 Izzy_NotWed418 Izzy_NotWed421 Izzy_NotWed424(How amazing is that last picture?? It might have to be my desktop background. Thanks, cute Izzy!

Still haven’t seen enough? Well good! There’s more yumminess coming your way tomorrow!



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The NotWedding Charleston

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of heading to Charleston for the NotWedding. (Some  of y’all might recall the Atlanta NotWedding I did two years ago.) It’s pretty much this super awesome alternative to a bridal show. You kinda don’t even want to call it that, because it feels WAY more like a fun and clever wedding on steroids. You can read all about the concept here.

So, what happens when you put a bunch of creative vendors in Charleston (my favorite city on earth), with an adorable bride and groom, and a fun color palette? MAGIC happens.

I’ll be the first to admit, it took me FOREVER (we’re talking literally 49 versions) to get this invitation EXACTLY right. I wanted it accomplish a few different things. First of all, it had to be southern. And not white on white engraved with magnolias. The wisteria was the perfect nod to the wildness and beauty of the south. The Faulkner quote on the belly band also pays tribute to a great southern writer as well as to the imagery. Secondly, I wanted it to look like Miss Wyolene. The handwritten element accomplishes just that. Literally, every. single. word. is handwritten– something I’d never done before but ended up LOVING. Finally, I wanted to throw in a few quirks because if you’ve been to Charleston, you know there are so many funky parts to the city that get passed by. So, I designed a custom envelope liner, hand addressed each one, and even printed a stripe on the reverse side of the main invite. I must say, when they arrived from the vendor, I knew I was in love.



I’ll be showing you all the prettiness over the next three days.  All of the images in today’s post were shot by Megan of Lime Green Photography in Charlotte. Remember her Botany Bay engagement shoot? Yeah, she’s divine. Her style is so dreamy and fun. You can almost feel that Ashley River breeze.

Be sure you check out all of the amazing vendors that made this beautiful evening happen. And check back in on tomorrow for round 2!


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NotEngaged | The NotWedding | Charleston Stationery Designer

Happy happy Monday to you, dear readers.

By now you’ve probably seen the amazing Lime Green Photography’s NotWedding Engagement shoot. Y’all. She. Nailed. It.

Granted, her subjects are the adorable, married-in-real-life Trammells. And her setting was the ethereal Botany Bay. But she captured these moments like none other. (And keep scrolling….SHE TOOK PICTURES UNDERWATER.) What the what?!


Suzy from Statice Florals made the gorgeous wreath crown. LaBruce’s makeup was done by Donna K. Collard. (Did you see those eyelashes? Mamacita.) And, for a whole new adventure, Miss Wyolene busted out the watercolors for this stationery.

All of this beauty is merely a preview of the gorgeousness that’s headed towards Charleston on June 13. For a bride, The NotWedding is a place to let your creativity feed off the imaginations of the incredible vendors. It’s basically a feast for the senses: not to be missed in Charleston, and worth the drive if you’re coming from afar. (And hello, who needs an excuse to go to Charleston?)

I, myself, am creating stationery for the event and would love for you to have your very own piece of the fun!

See even more pictures from the NotWedding blog and buy your tickets here!

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Stephanie and Jason | Custom Wedding Invitations | Georgia

Last fall, pretty Stephanie married handsome Jason.  (I mean, how gorgeous is this couple?!)
Stephanie has such an eye for detail and wanted something unique for her wedding invitations. (The wedding was in a chapel in the woods. In the fall. With the leaves. Seriously? Doesn’t that sound like everyone’s DREAM?)

We decided to go in a different direction than your typical autumnal palette. Instead, we chose a rich array of olive greens and golds with a little brown accent all printed on a beautiful cream stock. They turned out beautifully, don’t you think?

Stephanie and Jason Custom Wedding invitation

Stephanie and Jason Custom Wedding invitation

Product images shot by A Darling Day — thanks, Jessica!!
Wedding image shot by Suburbanite Photography

Happy day, friends!

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4 years on the 4th

I canNOT believe it’s already been four years since I married you. The details of that day are still so fresh in my mind, the most crisp memories, and yet as a whole, the day was a blur. That morning had the chilly brightness of early spring, not a cloud in the sky. I remember walking through Hobby Lobby with you the week before and crying because the weather report predicted it would be rainy and freezing, which it was, until that morning. My house was hustling with about ten ladies from church helping to ice about 600 cupcakes. (Seriously. Whose idea was that? Oh, right. Mine.) It felt like our little corner of the world was all abuzz with our wedding. I know you enjoyed a greasy breakfast with the men at a local dive while I enjoyed a much more dainty fare at my bridesmaid’s luncheon. Our sweet friends spent so much energy running our errands, finalizing last minute details, and being there to squeeze our hands or pat our backs. Everyone was so excited for us. After our respective time with the photographer, my bridesmaids all sat in a circle and wiped grass stains off my dress. That’s a little detail I will always remember.

I didn’t see you until 5:30 that afternoon. I think from 5:00 to 5:30 had to be the longest half hour of my life. I assumed that the doors opening from the back of the church would signal the universe unraveling because that was always the moment I imagined in my mind, even as a little girl. I remember seeing you at the end of the aisle, but I don’t remember much beyond that. People told us we swayed back and forth in unison for awhile. I suppose for all the planning and anticipation, we were still nervous.

By the time we got to the reception at Gardner-Webb, that coolness was back, bringing with it a smell of newness that only April can give. I remember gobbling a plate of roast beef while you changed into your reception suit. (Who was the diva then, I ask? Ha!)

Our first dance was the longest Avett Brothers song EVER written. People didn’t know where to find the tequila shots (because there weren’t any.) We ran out of garbage can space. The DJ played Journey WAY too early in the evening.

We had cupcakes and elementary school milks. Your buddy Jason caught the garter. Your sister Katie caught the bouquet completely by accident. Your dad gave the most precious toast. My dad and I danced to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” because that was our favorite song when I was little. Our old friends were there. Our new Greenville friends were there. Family members that are no longer with us were there. Some sneaky people used that dadgummed car paint that is still on my Honda. We stopped at a gas station in Gaffney to get bottled water and when you told the lady we were headed to Panama for our honeymoon, she said “Florida is lovely this time of year.”

I don’t think there ever was a more perfect day. I want to do it all again. But only if you’re there. Because you are my very best friend. The one who laughs at the same stupid things I laugh at. The one who speaks Sein-language with me. The one who makes our little boy giggle. The one who makes the BEST dang quesadillas. The one who supports my crazy creative endeavors even when I’m not sure I know what I’m doing. The one who strives to be a Godly man and leader of our little family. I am blessed beyond measure. I love you! Happy anniversary. Here’s to 60 more!











photo by Smitten Photography

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